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Teach Children to Save

Anytime is the right time to begin teaching children about money, and the American Bankers Association has tips that can help parents teach money at home.

  • Talk openly about money with your kids. Communicate your values and experiences with money. Encourage them to ask you questions, and be prepared to answer them — even the tough ones.
  • Explain the difference between needs and wants, the value in saving and budgeting, and the consequences of not doing so.
  • Set up a chore chart and give your children an allowance for completing their tasks. Require them to save at least a small portion each week. The three jars method: one for spending, one for saving, and one for charitable contributions is a good way to impart a sense of responsibility.
  • Open up a savings account at your local bank for your children and take them with you to make deposits. This way children can learn how to be hands-on in their money management. For information on opening a Farmers Bank & Trust personal savings account, click HERE.
  • Be an example of a responsible money manager by paying bills on time, being a conscious spender, and an active saver. Children tend to emulate their parents’ personal finance habits.

For more tips on teaching your children to save at every age level, read our Road to Financial Responsibility blog post HERE.

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To Us, You’re Family

Thirty-three-year-old entrepreneur and El Dorado, AR native Greg Williams took it to heart when his mom told him at a young age that he could be anything he wanted to be.

He started putting his dreams of becoming a CEO into action by age 23 when he purchased his first rental property. Now, ten years later, he has more than 100 rental properties, a liquor store which is also Arkansas’ first daiquiri drive-thru, and a grocery store.

In this episode, Greg shares steps he took to get to where he is today, and resources that helped him along the way, including his experience working for a Fortune 500 company.

Farmers Bank & Trust has really been apart of all my businesses. Having really deep relationships with Bankers that is built upon results, trust, and confidence, that’s what allows me to be able to take a chance and bring these core type businesses into communities.

Empire Arkansas:

Empire Properties

Prime Liquors

Williams Foods

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We raised more than $15,000 for the Arkansas State Police Foundation… and so we could give our Market Presidents (and Chief Lending Officer) a good pie in the face! On March 26, 2021, we hosted the Arkansas State Police Foundation Golf Tournament at the Mystic Creek Golf Club in El Dorado, AR.

In total, we raised $82,000! THANK YOU to everyone who donated and participated.

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Farmers Bank & Trust is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Burns Anderson and Jordan Irby to the Central Arkansas Team. Both will office in the new Farmers Bank & Trust Benton/Bryant full-service branch located at 3345 Highway 5 North in Bryant, AR.

Elizabeth Burns Anderson has joined the Central Arkansas team as a Business Development Officer. A fifth-generation banker and native of Magnolia, AR, Anderson is a graduate of the University of Arkansas; she has over 20 years of various banking and financial experiences. In 2020, Governor Asa Hutchinson appointed Elizabeth the consumer representative of the Arkansas State Medical Board. She is also involved locally with Lonoke Public School, the Lonoke Community Fund, Youth Home in Little Rock, and is an active Lonoke First United Methodist Church member. Elizabeth and her husband, Jamie, manage Anderson Fish Farms and live with their two sons in Scott, Arkansas.

Jordan Irby has joined Farmers Bank & Trust as a Commercial Loan Officer. A native of Hope, AR, he is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with over 16 years of banking experience. Irby completed the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU in 2014. He is involved locally with The Hat Club of Little Rock and is a member of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock. He now resides in Little Rock with his wife, Nikki, and two children, Truett and Tanner.

“Elizabeth and Jordan’s familiarity with the Central Arkansas region combined with extensive banking experience will be a great asset to Farmers Bank & Trust.” Kent McClure, Bryant Market President, said. “We invite the community to get to know them both and to utilize them for their banking needs.”

The new Farmers Bank & Trust Benton/Bryant full-service branch located at 3345 Highway 5 North in Bryant, AR.

The public is invited to visit the new branch to open accounts, speak to a loan officer, or receive assistance with any banking needs Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. For more information, visit our website HERE.

March is Women’s History Month! While the national celebration recognizes achievements women have made over the course of history in a variety of fields – we’re celebrating a little differently than you’d expect.

We’re encouraging women to Reject the Hustle. That’s right! Our guest for this episode is the “Queen of Saying No”, Allyson Twiggs Dyer.

We are all ‘yes’ people by nature, and we really have to practice saying no. Once you do start saying no to things you don’t want to do, you find out that your life opens up for abundance and you can say yes to things you really want in your life.

About Allyson:

Allyson Twiggs Dyer is a marketing consultant with a record of developing creative marketing strategies for a diverse portfolio of clients. For over six years, her company, The Twiggs Group, has been helping to elevate businesses with modern marketing and bold branding.

As someone who wears many hats (business owner, marketing consultant, speaker, and personal brand builder), Allyson founded Reject the Hustle a year ago to provide a reprieve for overworked women everywhere by debunking the myth that hustling 24/7 is the only road to success. She advocates for a healthy work-life balance and shares with others her personal experiences of how saying “no” can leave room for an abundant “yes.”

Reject the Hustle is a digital community for women to receive resources and support as they reject the toxic hustle culture and set loving boundaries for themselves. You can join the movement at www.rejectthehustle.com or @rejectthehustle on Facebook and Instagram.


*This episode was recorded via Zoom.

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Black History Month 2021 – The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity

We’d like to shine a light on the contributions and accomplishments Black Americans make in our country each day. For this episode, we get to hear from Pastor Ivory Curry in Prescott, Arkansas.

Alcohol, drug addiction, mental illness, and bullying are just a few issues he’s helping people through with Curry’s Community Outreach Ministry.

He says he wants to add value to others’ lives and see future generations be successful. Listen to this episode to hear how he’s impacting his community and his big plans for the future.

*This episode was recorded via Zoom.

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Right at the HEART Podcast: Build Your Credit with EASE

Build your credit with ease in 2021! It’s easy to let go of your goals after just a few months without accountability. If working on improving your credit is top of mind this new year, Farmers Bank & Trust wants to help you get started and stay on the right track.

We’re announcing the Foundation Credit Card! With a manageable limit and low payment options, it’s an easy way to establish and build your credit with ease.

In this episode, Farmers Bank & Trust Card Services & ATM Operations Manager Heather Ard talks about:

Credit Cards 101

  • Why learning about credit is important
  • How a credit card works
  • How credit can be a useful tool when managing your everyday finances
  • What a credit score is
  • Information on the Farmers Bank & Trust Foundation Credit Card and how it can help you establish a line of credit

For more information about the Farmers Bank & Trust Foundation Credit Card and to apply online, visit HERE. View the full Farmers Bank & Trust Foundation Credit Card Disclosure, HERE. To find a branch near you, click HERE.

*This episode was recorded via Zoom.

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For small businesses, 2020 has been anything but easy. Many were forced to close their doors on short notice due to COVID-19, and that included gyms. McClure Fitness in Benton, Arkansas was no exception.

Owner Marietta McClure shares:

  • How they’ve managed to not only make it through a pandemic but also continue to grow their fitness community
  • What inspired her to open a gym seven years ago, and why she calls the business venture a beautiful accident
  • Practical wellness advice for those needing motivation going into the new year

Visit McClureFitness.com to find a group fitness class that’s right for you or to sign up for an online workout program.

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We’re so glad to have you on board!

It is always an exciting time for us at Farmers Bank & Trust when we add new members to our family.

Meet our newest additions:

Jordan Burke – Teller in Hope, AR
Kayla Ray – Retail Banker in Bryant, AR
Maggie Harrell – Part-Time Teller in Magnolia, AR
Robin Barnard – Retail Banker in Magnolia, AR
Jeffie Poole – Loan Assistant in Paris, TX
Megan Stephens  – Retail Banker in Paris, TX
Tina Skidmore – Branch Manager in Paris, TX
Michael Corley – Facilities Coordinator in Texarkana, TX
Madison Haltom – Mortgage Loan Processor/Originator Trainee in Prosper, TX
Breanna Hendrix – Teller in Hope, AR
Erik Roddy – Commercial Loan Officer, Sr. in Paris, TX
Shaylee Keels – Part-Time Customer Contact Center Rep in Magnolia, AR
Hannah Wolf – Retail Banker in Bryant, AR
Jeff Nutt – Market President in Paris, TX

We cannot wait to see the talent, work ethic, and customer service these 14 individuals will bring to our customers. No matter the role you take on at Farmers Bank & Trust, to us, you’re family!

Interested in joining our Team?

You can explore open opportunities and submit an application using our Careers Portal.

Alex and Caitlin Rice and Haylea and Justin Morgan are all smiles at the Open House for their completed remodel on Hazel Street in Texarkana in May of 2019.

Two Texarkana couples are on a mission to revitalize their community neighborhoods one property remodel at a time. Together, Haylea and Justin Morgan and Alex and Caitlin Rice make up ETX Revival Co.

They all work full-time jobs, but they find time on weekends and after work to create, build, and inspire. Haylea Morgan is the Marketing Assistant for Farmers Bank & Trust.

“We were wrapping up a home remodel and the Rice’s had just finished up construction on their first home when we all first met,” Morgan said. “We began helping each other on small home projects and realized we worked well as a team. Our friendship grew and so did our crazy ideas.”

Four Kids, One Dream


Before and After of the Hazel Street home remodel.

Their motto is “Four kids, one dream.” Morgan said their goal is to create homes with personality and charm in neighborhoods you can walk to the local coffee shop. They hope when they do finish a project, it inspires at least one family in the neighborhood to refresh their own home’s curb appeal.

“One of our most proud moments is the Hazel house project,” Morgan said. “We bought the worst house on the entire block. The previous residents were a family of raccoons, literally!”

Aside from seeing all of their hard work pay off, the challenge is what the four love most about renovating older homes.

“If you have all the money in the world, you can completely rework a home,” she said. “But we love to develop creative ways to make a space work for our budget and keep the home affordable for most people when it comes time to sell.”

The Lodge

Currently, the couple duo is working on a unique project in Wake Village, Texas. They purchased The Masonic Lodge in October of 2019 with dreams of creating an entirely new space.

Midway through framing up a kitchen on the inside of The Lodge.

“We’re wrapping up phase one for The Lodge,” Morgan explained. “We converted the entire upstairs, formally the meeting location for the Masons, into two loft-style apartments. We demolished the stairs inside, swapped out windows for doors, created a massive covered parking and deck, and so much more.”

The two new living spaces will be ready to rent in January. Morgan said they’re going to take a short break before rolling up their sleeves to tackle the downstairs space. Plans for that area is still in the works.

A final look at one of the kitchens in The Lodge.

“When designing a space, we really let the properties guide us on what style to go with,” Morgan said. “We knew the Masonic Lodge was a staple within the community for so long, so we opted to name it The Lodge. We went with dark greens and wood tones to bring out the lodge feeling. Each apartment even has an electric fireplace to give off the cozy vibe of being in a cabin!”

A Labor of Love

Everyone loves to see a good before and after photo, but remodeling fixer-upper homes and properties are not for the faint of heart.

“If you plan on doing it all yourself like us, it is definitely time-consuming,” Morgan said. “But if you love the results and don’t mind that you didn’t get a vacation that year – congrats! You are addicted to remodeling. Welcome to the club!”

The Morgan’s and Rice’s take each project as it comes, and they’re always looking out for their next one to tackle. You can follow along their “drab to fab” adventures on Facebook HERE and watch projects unfold in real-time on their Instagram HERE.

Want to start a project of your own? Reach out to a Farmers Bank & Trust loan officer here: www.myfarmers.bank/contact-a-loan-officer