The Farmers Bank Foundation presented the Magnolia Fire Department with $5,000 in grant money to purchase vital rescue equipment, including a truck.

“As of January 1, 2021, the Magnolia Fire Department assumed the duties of Rescue/Extraction for all of Columbia County,” Assistant Fire Chief Randal Stevens said. “The local ambulance service discontinued its operations of these services.”

Stevens said the Magnolia Fire Department and Columbia County entered into a partnership, and this money will allow them to purchase a rescue truck, extrication tools, along other necessary rescue equipment.

“Firefighters choose daily to support and save the citizens they serve, and we are honored to support them in return,” Elizabeth Anderson, Executive Director of the Farmers Bank Foundation, said. “The Farmers Bank Foundation plans to make first responders a priority in grantmaking.”

The Farmers Bank Foundation’s giving priorities are to support local nonprofits whose mission is to purposefully enrich the quality of life in the Bank’s communities.

“The services that are being provided to the citizens of Magnolia and Columbia County, and anyone passing through our community, will be a tremendous asset and possibly a life-saving contribution,” Stevens said.

For more information about the Farmers Bank Foundation, click HERE.

After months cooped up inside, we’re all ready for vacation! Sadly, cybercriminals are ready too, and they’re hoping you’ll hand over the keys to the company safe.

Keep the vault shut with these hot tips:

  1. Update your apps and ensure that each has a unique password rather than using credentials from a social site to sign in.
  2. Bluetooth and public wifi both give hackers a path to your data, so use wired accessories in public areas and spin up a hotspot from your phone, ideally protected by a VPN. Don’t forget to disable your Auto Join Wifi Networks setting!
  3. Never leave work devices unattended, even if they’re hidden. If it can be reached, it can be stolen.
  4. Finally, remember to review emails for security risks before clicking links or downloading files. You want a vacation, not a phishing expedition!

According to RiskIQ.com, cybercrime now costs organizations a whopping $1,797,945 per minute. CSOonline.com reports email phishing accounts for roughly 80% of all cyber-attacks!

Source: Banno.com

Danyelle Musselman speaking at Behind the Blue Door at the Magnolia High School Basketball Arena on June 24, 2021.

Farmers Bank & Trust and the Farmers Bank Foundation are campaigning for the Boys and Girls Club of Magnolia. It’s called Funding Great Futures! To kick things off, we hosted an event called Behind the Blue Door with special guest speaker Danyelle Musselman. Before the event in Magnolia, host Cara Knight sat down with Musselman to get to know her a little better.

They talk about:

  • Danyelle’s special connection to Magnolia, AR
  • Her passion for Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Her career as a sports broadcaster
  • How she helps the Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball players with life skills
  • How she met her husband, Razorbacks Basketball Head Coach Eric Musselman
  • Her favorite part about living in Arkansas and being an Arkansas Razorback
Danyelle Musselman with Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia junior volunteers.

The Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia still needs your help! To donate, text BGCM to 243725, visit HERE or contact Deneisa Jamerson at 870-234-3300 or djamerson.bgcm@gmail.com.

The Farmers Bank Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates independently from Farmers Bank & Trust. For more, visit HERE.

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Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Over time, it erodes and creates some of the most spectacular sites. Like the Grand Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon. But did you also know that it’s created a “Little Grand Canyon” right here at home?

The Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas can be found just past the dam and spillway at lower White Oak Lake, in southwest Arkansas. It’s just off of Highway 24, down the end of Ouachita Road 332. Park at the end of the road, but please be mindful and park on a hard surface only. Keep walking a bit down the path and keep looking out to your left. Eventually, the view will stop you in your tracks and quite possibly take your breath away. The erosion of the dirt and soil has created the most magnificent hidden canyon! It’s one of our favorite places to stop for photos and for a picnic. There is plenty to explore around the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas, both at the canyon overlook, down in the canyon, and in the hills surrounding the area. You can take a little hike to follow the creek, or spend a little time working on some agility while jumping around the mogul hills that are to the right of the road on your way to the overlook.

Keep in mind that this is not an official part of the state park, so please be mindful of Leave No Trace principles, and carry out what you carry in. Please do not litter.

It’s also not a bad spot to toss in a line and try to catch some fish. We always bring along our pocket fisherman, just in case there’s a chance to go fishing.

Five tips for your best day ever at the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas:

  1. Dress accordingly. In the summer months, it will be VERY hot, muggy, and well, buggy. Dress in layers and remember sun protection and bug protection. Also, remember to do a tick check anytime you’re leaving the wilderness before you get into your vehicle to leave. When adventuring with children, it’s always advisable to bring a change of clothes for the way home.
  2. Pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water to get the full adventure experience. Remember to bring a blanket or easily packable chair or two.
  3. Wear OLD shoes or hiking shoes with good traction. It can be quite muddy and at times slippery if you’re exploring down in the canyon. Remember, the canyon walls are made of dirt and earth, not rock or stone. If it’s rained recently, it’ll be muddy, soft, and slippery.
  4. Be mindful of wildlife and look before you step. You’re entering their territory, so please be respectful of their homes. Yes, there may be snakes, but they won’t bother you if you do not bother them.
  5. Please practice Leave No Trace principles while exploring and pack out all of your trash.

For a 15-second snippet of one of our favorite picnic spots at the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas, check out this Instagram Reels Video HERE.

Happy adventuring! If you head out on an adventure to the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas, let me know! I’d love to hear about your adventure. You can find me on Instagram at @coleyraeh or on my website at www.luckeywanderers.com


Photo provided by Walt Reep of the downtown plaza in Paris, TX circa the 1930s.

One of the newer locations Farmers Bank & Trust has entered is the charming city of Paris, Texas. In early June, the Bank announced it’s opening a second branch there.

In this episode, Paris native Walt Reep explains why it’s a good idea to not only stop and take a photo with the iconic Eiffel tower replica but also stay awhile. He’s passionate about the history of his hometown, and he’s investing in it. He shares many interesting facts about the city, like the unique connection between Paris and Dr. Pepper.

Photo provided by Walt Reep.

He also talks about his new business venture Sundae in Paris that’s coming soon to the downtown area! It’s currently a food truck offering sandwiches, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and more. There are also more projects in the works to make Paris an entertainment district. Reep hopes you might be booking your next weekend getaway soon! 


Photos provided by Walt Reep. Renderings of the Sundae in Paris soda fountain.

For all your commercial and small business lending needs, visit HERE.

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Did you know we have free Starbucks coffee for you to enjoy when visiting a select few of our Bank locations? Come on in and grab yourself a cup of hot coffee! Feeling fancy? Make it a Vanilla Choco Coffee. Not a fan of coffee at all? Have hot cocoa or some tea. There’s plenty of options to choose from!
Locations offering free Starbucks coffee include:
  • Magnolia Main Bank
    200 East Main
    Magnolia, AR 71753
  • Hope Downtown Branch
    201 East Third Street
    Hope, AR 71801
  • Texarkana St. Michael Drive Branch
    2900 St. Michael Drive
    Texarkana, TX 75503
  • Prosper Branch
    750 N. Preston Road
    Prosper, TX 75078
  • Bryant/Benton Branch
    3345 Highway 5 North, Suite 100
    Bryant, AR 72019
To find a Farmers Bank & Trust location near you, visit HERE.


The third annual Pedals for Compassion, a charity bike ride that benefits the domestic violence shelter in Columbia County, is scheduled for June 19 and more bikers are encouraged to join in on the ride.

Signing up for the event is easy and can be done HERE or on the day of the ride at Square Park in Magnolia.

Registration is $65 before June 19 and $70 on the day of the ride.

Debra Martin, Executive Director of the Compassion’s Foundation Domestic Violence Shelter, said last year’s event was incredible, even with the pandemic. The event had 150 participants and raised around $17,000.

“We are hoping with the good weather and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions to have even more riders this year,” Martin said.

This year’s event begins at 7:30 a.m. at the Magnolia Square Park on 117 North Jefferson downtown. Options for the ride include 15 miles, 35 miles, 65 miles, and 100 miles.

All riders who participate will receive swag bags, snacks, and drinks at all rest stops along their ride—which always has fun themes—and a delicious post-ride meal. Door prizes from generous area businesses will also be given away.

Postmasters Grill of Camden provides the meal for riders as they head back to the Square at the conclusion of their ride. Three bands, The Tuesday Knights, 79 South, and The Vybe will perform on the Magnolia Square for entertainment beginning at 10 a.m.

Community members who do not participate in the ride are still invited to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the music. Admission for non-riders to the square will be $5 for a refreshing beer. Additionally, Postmasters Grill will have a food truck for all patrons to purchase food to enjoy while they listen to the bands.

Jeff Neill, an avid cycler from Magnolia said the Pedals for Compassion ride surprises some of the newcomers because they are not expecting it to be challenging. However, Southwest Arkansas includes hills they aren’t counting on, he said. As someone who participates in charity rides across the country, Neill said this one is known to him and other cyclists as one of the most supported and safest ones to participate in.

“I want to get behind this charity because these individuals need to find a place they can be safe again,” he said.

The Compassion’s Foundation provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to empower domestic violence victims and survivors to find safety and live free of abuse. Throughout the year,  the nonprofit holds other fundraisers beyond the bike ride, but this event leads the way in fundraising opportunities.

Lesley Thompson, ride Event D director, said Pedals for Compassion draws riders from the Magnolia area as well as Little Rock, Dallas, and Shreveport. Last year, someone from California traveled more than 1,500 miles to ride. She said she consistently hears good feedback.

“We draw on everything good that they feel is always lacking at other events, some of which is the quality of and excitement of the rest stops,” Thompson said. “The detail put into the route marks and visual awareness of support, both from law enforcement and support drivers are something else they like. They also like the post activities at the square.”

Charlie’s Story

There are many stories of hope with the Compassion’s Foundation. One woman goes by Charlie, and she said she was put through a window, had her teeth knocked out, and had a gun put to her head before she found out she could go to the Compassion’s shelter for help.

Charlie, who goes by that name to have her real identity protected, is not from Arkansas and had never heard of Compassion’s Foundation until 2019. She was 51 when she arrived for help and said she had never known what a shelter was until then.

It was there she met Compassion’s Shelter Manager Lacey Ogle and discovered services that not only nurtured her physical body such as food and clothing but also addressed her livelihood such as helping her find a job so she could become independent.

“If it wasn’t for Lacey and Compassion’s, I’d probably be dead,” Charlie said.

Ogle said Charlie is one of the success stories of Compassion’s Foundation domestic violence shelter.

“She was living in her car when she came to us,” Ogle said. “She arrived back in 2019 and exited roughly a month later on her own two feet independently. She had her own place and a job and was one of the most strong-willed women we had ever seen. She blew us away to be exact.”

Charlie said she remembers trying to hide out from her ex-husband and living in her car with her dog and no money because while they were married, he forced her to give him all her wages from her job.

“I was living in the car with my dog and didn’t have anything to eat,” Charlie said. “I was in front of this pizza place, and I had to go to ask them for a couple of pieces of pizza. I was starving to death. I don’t know what would have happened without the Compassion’s Foundation.”

For all other questions about the Pedals for Compassion event, please contact Lesley Thompson at (870-918-7755), Anne Couch at annecouch808@gmail.com, or the Pedals event email at pedals4compassion@gmail.com.

Tucked away down a country road in New Boston, TX is a hidden gem. It’s a greenhouse and garden center, but it’s also much more than that. Little Country Greenhouse, owned by Bruce (the self-proclaimed “bloomin’ idiot”) and Patricia Pardue, is a family-friendly gardening destination. They have multiple greenhouses filled nearly year-round with beautiful plants for your home or garden.

It’s been a tradition of ours to visit the greenhouse almost once per week, year-round, for the last few years. We’ve grown to love this place. So much so that we had our daughter’s birthday party there, a fairy garden celebration. Our favorite greenhouse is the one that houses a beautiful koi pond, the parakeets, and some beautiful staghorn ferns that are thirty years old! My children love watching the parakeets and checking on the koi, while I browse their excellent selection of house plants.

Butterfly Cottage

During the warmer months (summer into early fall) the garden center also hosts a butterfly house! This tour is free, just be sure to call ahead to reserve a slot. It’s enchanting to walk slowly through the enclosure, noting the caterpillars munching away, the chrysalis’ near the sidewalls,  as the fully mature butterflies float all around you. Please do not touch the butterflies, chrysalis, or caterpillars. There is a place for donations at the end of the tour and I’d encourage you to add a small donation to keep this beautiful gift to the community going.

New this year, they have added a country store with a wide variety of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, a hydroponic growing system, and some Brahma chickens! The rooster for the Brahma, once fully mature (which takes up to two years) will be nearly 36 inches tall! You can walk around the chicken and rooster enclosures, and be sure to say hello to Big Man.

Inside the Shop

Our favorite way to cap off our visit is to head inside the shop, which is also home to their old-fashioned candy shop and ice cream store! They also have coffee, which I grab in the cooler months to enjoy while walking around.

Little Country Greenhouse is a wonderful, family-friendly, destination year-round. I’ve even heard that Bruce has a special connection to Santa Claus and he sets up a workshop right on site! All of the employees are very helpful and Bruce and Patricia are always happy to help answer any plant and gardening questions. Be sure to follow them on Facebook HERE to catch some of their weekly videos, which will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Five things to see at Little Country Greenhouse:

  1. Big Man the rooster.
  2. The Butterfly Cottage in the summer.
  3. The parakeets.
  4. The Koi fish and pond.
  5. The (seasonal) selection of carnivorous plants.
Rendering of the new Lamar Avenue location in Paris, TX.

Farmers Bank & Trust is expanding its footprint in Paris, TX by adding a second full-service branch. The Bank purchased properties at 2950 Lamar Avenue and 3010 Lamar Avenue.

“We are thrilled about the new Lamar Avenue location,” said Jeff Nutt, Farmers Bank & Trust Paris Market President. “It will allow us to expand our presence and better serve the Paris and Lamar County community. For 115 years, Farmers Bank & Trust has invested in their local communities, and this is just another step for us to provide exceptional, convenient banking services to our customers.”

Modern Approach to Banking

The new Farmers Bank & Trust branch will provide full teller, accounts and loan services, a four-lane drive-thru, and a notary. In addition, there will be a MyFarmers iTeller Interactive Teller Machine with live teller services available from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday, with 24/7 ATM services.

A new café is also a part of the plan featuring a Starbucks brewer, free WiFi, charging stations, and a seating area where customers can relax and utilize mobile banking tools.

Rendering of the new teller pods, Coffee with HEART Café, and new accounts area.

“We have really taken on this new, modern approach to banking,” said Joe Pieratt, Farmers Bank & Trust Chief Operating Officer. “We want to connect with our customers, and we want them to feel welcome when they come to see us. We’re excited to bring our look and feel to Paris with a little added Texas flair.”

Demolition is set to begin mid-July and construction on the 9,000 square foot space will take place immediately thereafter.

About Farmers Bank & Trust: Founded in 1906, Farmers Bank & Trust is a community bank owned by the privately held holding company, Magnolia Banking Corporation, headquartered in Magnolia, Arkansas. Farmers Bank & Trust now has over 20 locations in Arkansas and Texas and approximately $1.8 billion in assets. Farmers offers a full range of deposit services, trust and investment management services, as well as business, commercial real estate, construction, mortgage, residential, and consumer loans. To learn more, visit their website at MyFarmers.Bank.


Farmers Bank & Trust and the Farmers Bank Foundation are excited to announce the kickoff for the Funding Great Futures campaign to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia, Arkansas. The campaign will begin with a $150,000 matching donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia along with an inaugural event, Behind the Blue Door, featuring guest speaker Danyelle Musselman.

Deneisa Jamerson, Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia Executive Director, and Chris Ludwig, Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia Director of Sports & Facilities

“The Boys & Girls Club is more than just a recreational facility,” said Deneisa Jamerson, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia. “It’s a place where kids can come and be safe. There’s a trusted and supported network of adults that are willing to invest into the future of our children and teach them how to become productive, caring, and responsible citizens.”

The Behind the Blue Door event will take place Thursday, June 24, 2021, at the Magnolia High School Basketball Arena at 7:00 PM. Tickets to the event are $25 and can be purchased at any Farmers Bank & Trust location or the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia. You can also purchase tickets online HERE.

Donations for the Funding Great Futures campaign will remodel and enhance the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia building for local students. Farmers Bank & Trust will lead the charge from the Farmers Bank Foundation to help the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia reach its goal of $500,000 by the end of August. For donation opportunities, please contact Deneisa Jamerson at (870) 234-3300 or djamerson.bgcm@gmail.com.

The new basketball gym floor after the Farmers Bank Foundation’s $150,000 donation to the Club.

“The donation from the Farmers Bank Foundation has afforded us to do some marvelous things, and one of those is redoing the gym floor for basketball,” said Jamerson. “We needed to update the playing surface, and this has allowed us to put our best foot forward.”

“We are proud to support the Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia’s vision to provide a world-class experience that ensures success is within reach of every young person in Magnolia. We challenge other local businesses to help us complete the Funding Great Futures campaign,” said Chris Gosnell, chief executive officer of Farmers Bank & Trust.

About Danyelle Musselman: Danyelle Musselman has an extensive background working in sports broadcasting with years of experience in anchoring, hosting, and reporting. Most recently, Musselman worked for the NFL Network where she served as an update anchor and as the host of “Up to the Minute.”  She also served as the host for Yahoo Sports, and as an anchor for Fox Sports Net.

In addition, Musselman worked as a sideline reporter for FOX Sports NFL games and spent two years anchoring various programs on ESPN and ESPNews. Musselman is the Co-Chair of the Coaches vs Cancer Wives & Friends team and serves as the Market Chair for the Make a Wish Foundation Mid-South Region.

Musselman is married to current Arkansas Men’s Basketball coach Eric Musselman.  They share three children, Michael (25), Matthew (20), and Mariah (11).

About Farmers Bank Foundation: Created in 2021 for Farmers Bank & Trust’s 115 anniversary, the Farmers Bank Foundation’s giving priorities support local nonprofits whose mission is to purposefully enrich the quality of life in the communities where Farmers Bank & Trust customers and employees live. The foundation’s funding is made possible by the bank’s shareholders and employees across Arkansas and Texas. The Farmers Bank Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that will operate independently from Farmers Bank & Trust. For additional information or to apply for Farmers Bank Foundation funding, please visit MyFarmers.Bank/FarmersBankFoundation.